Why its good to talk about Health and Safety

We’ve all heard the saying ‘it’s good to talk’ and here at Prosafe (UK) Ltd we firmly believe this to be the case. Talking AND listening are massively important when it comes to Health and Safety in the workplace, let me tell you why.

Employees are often the best people to understand risks in the workplace. Involving workers  in making decisions shows that an employer takes their opinions, expertise, experiences and their health and safety seriously.

In a small business, an employer might choose to communicate with the workers directly. One to one or small group chats can be very enlightening in terms of keeping abreast of what is happening on the ‘shopfloor’.

Larger businesses may consult through a health and safety representative who can collaborate ideas and views of a group of employees and present them to an employer. This representative must be chosen by employees or selected by a trade union. An employer cannot decide who the representative will be.

It’s well documented by the HSE that workplaces where employees are involved in taking decisions about health and safety are safer and healthier. In effect, employees then influence health and safety through their own actions. Great communication has been proven to help:

  • identify joint solutions to problems;
  • develop a positive health and safety culture where risks are managed sensibly;
  • reduce accidents and ill health, plus their related costs to a business;
  • bring about improvements in overall efficiency, quality and productivity;
  • meet customer demands and maintain credibility; and
  • comply with legal requirements.

So what subjects should these employee discussions cover? A few suggestions include:

  • health and safety and the work they do
  • how risks are controlled
  • the best ways of providing information and training

Above all, these consultations must be a two-way process, allowing employees to raise concerns and influence decisions on managing health and safety.

It is good to talk about Health and Safety and ultimately talking will improve the Health and Safety culture in your workplace, and that is beneficial to all.

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