Risk, Audit & Compliance Services

Prosafe (UK) Ltd’s Risk, Audit and Compliance services help businesses develop effective processes to support their industry specific accreditations and standards in order to win new business. We use our extensive experience in Risk Management, Compliance and Internal Audit to enable organisations to continually assess, improve and prepare for a brighter future.


Audit your existing company Policies and Processes
  • Assess the communication and awareness of processes in the business
  • Improve the effectiveness of processes to improve efficiency, safety and compliance.
  • Demonstrate to potential customers the business’ commitment to robust processes and internationally recognised standards.
  • Enable the winning of new business based on the utilisation of robust controls and processes.
Introduce, implement and embed a culture of self-assessment
  • Design bespoke self-assessment tools to ensure the ongoing adherence to processes
  • Embed the ‘3 lines of defence audit method’.
Assess the effectiveness of company Risk Management processes
Deliver Training
  • Communicate the importance of process awareness and compliance through effective one to one or group staff training.
  • Instil a culture of open and transparent working practices to encourage closer inter-departmental working and increase customer trust.
Gap Analysis
  • Align your business management systems to recognised industry standards such as ISO9001.
  • Increase profits through the streamlining of effective controls and processes.

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